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- Ray Dalio
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About Us.

About Us

      Convinced that artificial intelligence will profoundly change the world of finance, Rubinstein & Schmiedel pushes the boundaries of AI in the field of financial market forecasting. We develop and operate fully automated, high-precision trading systems capable of creating systematic and sustainable returns - so far unmatched by professional traders and rule-based algorithms. 

      Rubinstein & Schmiedel was founded in 2019 after more than six years of fundamental research and development. The result: a novel AI which extracts information and learns complex strategies without human input solely based on data. We are 20+ experts in Switzerland and Germany with research backgrounds in AI, Software Engineering, Data Science, Big Data, and High-Performance Computing.

      We have created an end-to-end, fully automated software solution covering data acquisition, signal generation, back-testing, trade execution, portfolio and risk management. In 2019, we launched our first 24/7 actively managed investment solution for an exclusive group of professional investors. Focusing on the emerging class of digital assets, we have been providing our partners with impressive returns while minimizing downside risk – in an investment universe known for its high volatility and difficult market conditions.

      We are looking to extend our range of solutions, targeting new clients, and connecting traditional asset classes to our unique AI framework.

Groundbreaking Research Put Into Action


Our AI models are not limited by human experience. They rely solely on available market data and on individual investment goals to determine a “super-human” optimal trading strategy.

AI Trading 2.0

For our forecasting systems, we go beyond traditional optimization, machine learning approaches, and develop all algorithms from scratch, including hand-crafted compute-kernels for utmost performance.

Market Decomposition

Price charts are a superposition of many independent signals. Our AI system enables us to decompose market data into its underlying components (specific news, market makers, crowd behavior, etc.) to make much more precise predictions.


Our next-gen deep networks require a different way of training compared to traditional approaches (e.g. SGD). Inspired by aerospace research, we have developed novel optimization frameworks for this purpose.

Deep Learning

(Deep) Neural Networks were not designed for market data initially. We have developed a novel deep network architecture with specialized neurons that are highly optimized for financial applications, handle the noise component well and don’t require labelled data.

GPU Computing

Different parts of our machine learning, analytics, and trading pipeline have been designed to run on GPU hardware for maximum performance. Custom CUDA kernels were developed to improve AI training speed and model response times.


Large amounts of market data and news along with algorithmically enriched meta-information are collected to get a complete snapshot of the financial world at any point in time to ensure maximum reliability and a predictable live performance of all developed trading systems.

Secure Infrastructure

All storage and software services are deployed on geographically redundant premises and are configured for high availability. NIST-compliant encryption is used for all communication channels. Our custom-built hardware is locked and biometrically secured inside specialized data centers.



Dr. Michael Völter

DR Michael

Lawyer, Board Member
      Michael developed his career in the financial sector, specializing in the investment management, insurance and exchange business. He has gathered exceptional board expertise being member of multiple boards.

      Michael has a PhD in law. He started his career at the auditing firm Arthur Andersen. He later worked at SV SparkassenVersicherung in various departments, being nearly 10 years member of the management board as CIO and CFO, before serving as Group CEO of Stuttgart Stock Exchange until end of 2021.
Daniel Rebhorn


Entrepreneur, Author
      Daniel is a serial entrepreneur having 25+ years of experience with every aspect of the tech startup lifecycle. Diconium, his last co-founded company, was acquired to 100% by Volkswagen in 2021 and is now an important part of VW’s future digital strategy.

    Daniel is an expert in the field of digital transformation and publishes as an author on the subject.
Matthias Hüberli


Lawyer, Notary
      After being granted his MSc in law at the University of St. Gallen, Matthias worked as an auditor at the Cantonal Court of Zug and as a lawyer for a Swiss bank. He was a partner in a renowned law firm for several years before incorporating his own business.

    Matthias has expertise in areas such as international business law, financial markets, IT, and stock corporation law. 


Kirill Rubinstein


CEO, Co-Founder
      Kirill has a broad professional background, including risk modelling, marketing, product management and blockchain technology. He applied his leadership expertise in the automotive industry, IOT, and different smart home projects. He was also responsible for large R&D programs in the insurance sector, subsidized by the German government.  

         Kirill holds a MSc degree in Financial Mathematics.
Thomas Schmiedel


CTO, Co-Founder
      Before co-founding his own company, Thomas was responsible for the data science business unit at a large Munich-based consulting company.  

       Thomas holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and has profound knowledge in areas such as big data, machine learning, neural networks and distributed ledger technology.


Michael Völter


Advisory Board Member
      Together with his co-founder Daniel Rebhorn, Andreas started a business and developed it into one of the biggest companies for digital transformations in Germany with more than 1,500 employees.
       Since he left the company, he has been working as an investor, supporting a few selected start-ups and helping them to grow and scale their business.
Daniel Rebhorn

dr Michael

Advisory Board Member
    Michael is Founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) in Vienna. With his profound experience in the fields of machine learning, advanced data analysis and risk management he spent over 10 years in asset management as an analyst, director and partner for companies such as Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or Pendragon Capital.
Matthias Hüberli


Advisory Board Member
     Patrick is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Sussex Partners, a regulated alternative investment company, which advises institutional investors on hedge funds and fund of funds investments.
   In addition, he is a member of the Board of Vedra Partners Ltd, a UK FCA-regulated multi-family office.
Michael Völter

Dr Heinrich

Advisory Board Member
      Heinrich is Founder, CEO and Managing Partner of venture capitalist Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) and Board Member of Skaylink, one of Europe's leading cloud and digital transformation providers.
     Before, he was Vice President of IBM and Co-CEO and Advisory Board Member of ESL, the world's leading e-sports platform.
Daniel Rebhorn


Advisory Board Member
      Elisabeth is an expert in financialand regulatory issues. She worked as Chief Executive Director and Deputy President for the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as well as Head of The Corporate Center for Legal Affairs at DekaBank.
        Until 2021, Elisabeth served as a Board Member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).
Matthias Hüberli

Prof. Dr Christian

Advisory Board Member
     Christianis a Research Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS). In his position as Director of the Institute of Digital Engineering he focuses on AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).
   Christian also has great expertise in the field of consulting and sales, having worked as director and scientific advisor for IBM and Mercer.
Michael Völter


Advisory Board Member
      As former CTO of Genesis Mining, Stefan dedicated more than four years to building the global future of digital currencies. Today he is CEO of his own company, Munich Blockchain Capital, which he founded in 2018.    Stefan went to medical school and worked as a surgeon before discovering his passion for the blockchain ecosystem.

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