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About Us.

About Us


Rubinstein & Schmiedel Achieves Level 3 Recognition in Investment Management with Cutting-Edge AI Trading Models

Rubinstein & Schmiedel has been recognized by Hedgeweek for achieving Level 3 in investment management through the implementation of cutting-edge AI trading models. Our use of artificial intelligence in investment management yields significant benefits for hedge funds. The implementation of Level 3 AI products for investment management that utilize deep reinforcement learning is a massive game changer.

In 2019, Rubinstein & Schmiedel achieved Level 3 recognition through our AI trading models, which are moving from digital assets to equities and will soon include commodities. We are on the path to becoming a fully AI-managed multi-asset fund.

The Impact of the AI Revolution on Asset Management

Michael Kopp, co-founder and director of the Institute of Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI), and Chief Research Officer at R&S, combines his strong research expertise in AI with his extensive practical experience in algorithmic trading for hedge funds to discuss the current state and future potential of AI in asset and wealth management.

Rubinstein & Schmiedel featured in Hedgeweek Article "The Use (and uses) of AI in Asset Management, Present and Future

Rubinstein & Schmiedel is happy to announce that we have been highlighted in a recent article titled "The use (and uses) of AI in asset management, present and future" as having achieved Level 3 AI.

The article explores the potential use cases and challenges associated with AI adoption in asset management and highlights the importance of Level 3 AI, which enables the creation of autonomous trading systems that can adapt to changing environments. The article also notes that investors may struggle with the idea of AI making investment decisions, but suggests that asset managers can use algorithmic testing and risk management measures to provide comfort to investors.

We are delighted to be recognized as a leader in the industry and looks forward to continuing to develop cutting-edge AI solutions.

Revolutionising Financial Trading: How Rubinstein & Schmiedel and Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH's Hardware Infrastructure are Modernizing the Industry

Rubinstein & Schmiedel is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution in financial trading. In partnership with Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of hardware infrastructure, we have launched an AI software solution that streamlines financial trading through AI and algorithmic trading. The software utilizes Boston's advanced technology, including NVIDIA GPUs, to providecustomized, high-performance computing power. 

One of the biggest challenges in financial trading is the globalization and networking of markets, and the seamless flow of trade data. Rubinstein & Schmiedel's AI software, powered by Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH's hardware infrastructure, addresses this challenge by providing reliable trading strategies and efficientcalculation of trading models for safe trading. The software is 24/7 and networked with all global trading and financial markets, allowing it to recognize financial market trends and quickly structure and process millions of data to achieve positive results in minutes. 

Traditionally, financial trading relied on mathematical models and rule-based algorithms created by experiencedanalysts and traders. However, with increasing market interconnectedness and trade dependencies, human intelligence alone is no longer sufficient for success in this field.

R&S's AI software, powered by Boston's state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure, is a game changer in the financial trading industry and positions Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH as a leading provider of technology solutions for the financial sector. [...]

Cover Image from Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH article abour R&S

RS AlphaCapital GmbH receives €16.9 million tax-deductible research allowance

We are pleased to announce that we havereceived a tax-deductible research grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research ("Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage").

Our Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Schmiedel, has dedicated six years of rigorous research towards the development of our Artificial Intelligence technology, MARWIN, which serves as the foundation for our company, and we remain committed to ongoing research in order to provide private and institutional investors with the opportunity to achieve sustainable returns while minimizing volatility and drawdown, even in the face of challenging market conditions.

This grant will allow us to continue pursuing our research initiative and serves as a testament to the innovative work that we are undertaking.

Graphic from LinkedIn to publicize the research grant we received

Rubinstein & Schmiedel offers institutional access to crypto trading

The innovative investment boutique Rubinstein & Schmiedel is now offering investors in Switzerland smart access to trading in cryptocurrencies. The specialists for AI-supported asset management offer qualified, professional investors the opportunity to profit from fully automated trading of cryptocurrencies.

Over the past six years, a team of 21 experts in artificial intelligence and financial markets has developed smart investment software that tracks and analyses the price movements of the 50 to 100 most important cryptocurrencies around the clock. Every 5 minutes, the software decides, independently and without human intervention, whether new trading positions should be entered into or existing positions closed, i.e., sold. It pursues a long-only strategy, targeting gains when prices are rising and protecting them in periods of falling prices by reducing its market exposure accordingly. [...]

Rubinstein & Schmiedel expands Advisory Board

The innovative AI investment boutique Rubinstein & Schmiedel is expanding its Advisory Board with additional expertise in the financial and institutional hedge fund sectors. In the future, the hedge fund specialist Patrick Ghali and the venture capital and blockchain specialist Dr Heinrich Zetlmayer will advise the management of the Swiss FinTech. In addition, Dr Michael Kopp, an outstanding AI researcher, is joining the board.

The three new members will complement the seven-member board with expertise in hedge funds and alternative asset management and extensive know-how when it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence. The Advisory Board, chaired by Diconium co-founder Andreas Schwend, supports Rubinstein & Schmiedel's growth strategy and advises the company on regulatory issues, financial markets and the further development of its own technologies. "Our top-class advisory board contributes significantly to our success. We benefit enormously from the expertise of its members. Accordingly, we are pleased to be able to expand the board once again with expertise in institutional alignment in alternative investment management and in the field of digital cryptoassets and artificial intelligence," says Kirill Rubinstein, CEO and co-founder of Rubinstein & Schmiedel.

Group photo of Patrick Ghali, Dr. Heinrich Zetlmayer, and Dr. Michael Kopp

Rubinstein & Schmiedel appoints top-class advisory

A four-member advisory board made up of proven experts from the financial and tech industries supports the growth trajectory of innovative investment boutique Rubinstein & Schmiedel. Under the chairmanship of Diconium co-founderAndreas Schwend, the committee advises the company on issues such as regulation in the financial and crypto markets, artificial intelligence, and innovative investment solutions for professional customers. "Each member of our advisory board is a recognised specialist in his or her field. We are very pleased to have so much technical expertise behind us and thus be able to accelerate our further growth trajectory," says Kirill Rubinstein, CEO and co-founder of Rubinstein and Schmiedel. In detail, the advisory board includes:

Andreas Schwend, Chairman, who, together with Daniel Rebhorn, set up the digital consulting firm Diconium, which today has more than 1,500 employees. Schwend invests in various start-ups and supports them in scaling their digital business models.

Elisabeth Roegele, who brings many years of experience as Executive Director of Securities Supervision at the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Previously, she worked as a chief lawyer at DekaBank. Until 2021, Roegele was also a member of the management board of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

Christian Bachmeir, Prof. Dr, who researches at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS). As director of the Institute of Digital Engineering, he focuses on AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Stefan Schindler, the former CTO of Genesis Mining, who has extensive expertise in the field of digital currencies. In 2018, he founded Munich Blockchain Capital, of which he is still CEO.

Entrepreneur duo Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn invest in Swiss FinTech Rubinstein & Schmiedel

The diconium co-founders Andreas Schwend and Daniel Rebhorn have already previously demonstrated how successful tech companies can be built. As investors, they now support the investment boutique Rubinstein & Schmiedel not only financially, but also with their expertise – Daniel Rebhorn as a member of the Board of Directors and Andreas Schwend as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the company. "When I look at this innovative and motivated team, it reminds me of our own start-up," says Rebhorn, serial entrepreneur and author, "we are in an exciting time right now, where many new industries are emerging with the help of data and algorithms, and pretty much all business sectors and industries are changing". Andreas Schwend is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of actively changing something in the world of finance and "passing on my expertise to the next generation of founders and scaling the business model together with them".

Diconium Founders Andreas and Daniel

Stock market expert Dr Michael Völter joins Rubinstein & Schmiedel

A boost to the top management: the innovative investment boutique Rubinstein & Schmiedel brings Dr Michael Völter onto the Board of Directors of its Swiss public limited company as Chairman. Dr Michael Völter was most recently Chairman of the Executive Board of Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e.V., the parent company of the Börse Stuttgart (Stuttgart Stock Exchange) group. In this role, Völter chaired the supervisory boards of EUWAX AG, Boerse Stuttgart GmbH and foreign subsidiaries for many years. "I am excited to be joining Rubinstein & Schmiedel, a FinTech with a self-developed and state-of-the-art AI for actively managed crypto assets, which represents the cutting edge in investment," the lawyer and investment manager comments on his new role.

Dr. Michael Völter



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